Welcome to the Torchwood Secrets blog. We are dedicated to publishing every secret, without bias or alteration. It is hardly a secret that there are a lot of feelings flying around within this fandom, and everyone could use some sort of an outlet. That is why we are here.

Submissions may be about the show, characters, writers, story lines, etc. You are free to voice your opinion about shippers, etc. but please try to be mature about it. Hate against a specific member of the fandom is the only thing we will not tolerate. Just remember - everything you say may be anonymous, but it's still out there and people will let you know what they think.

There are two ways to submit secrets, which are linked to above. The first is Secrets - Text Only. Here you may submit your secret and we will put it onto an image for you. If you already have an image you want us to use or have applied the text to yourself, use the second option, Secrets - Submission, to submit the image.

hola everyone! 

as some of you may have noticed, the ask-box has been turned off again. as soon as i opened it earlier this week, i was instantly flooded with over 40 messages! i’m working to get as many done as i can, but real life is kicking my ass this week xD so for the next few days i’m back to no ask-box. submissions are open, but please use it ONLY FOR REAL SUBMISSIONS, as in you’ve already made a graphic. because that’s easy, lol. if you have a regular question, i truly apologize but please just be patient for a few more days and the ask-box will be open again.

on that note - i’m thinking i could use some help! this blog took off and has become a lot bigger than i ever anticipated. i would love to add another person to the team to help with making secrets and adding them to the queue.

if you are able to make simple graphics (lord knows the stuff i’m posting for you guys is hardly art) and have the time to make a handful of them using new secrets a few times a week and would like to help with this blog, please reblog this with a little note letting me know. i plan to catch up enough to fill the queue for two days tonight, and i’ll start looking at adding someone to help me out later in the week.

thank you for your support and your patience, everyone! you are truly remarkable, i am still in shock at how many of you are following this blog and contributing to it!

Our 100th Secret!

Our 100th Secret!